The Electronic vignette system is here!

Motorways in the Czech Republic are charged with an electronic vignette for vehicles weighing up to 3.5 t, which is on sale in three lengths of validity: ten days, thirty days and year. The vignette is mandatory for vehicles with at least four wheels, motorcycles and tricycles are free of charge for driving on the motorway. Most motorways and expressways are charged, some parts around major cities and unfinished roads are exempt from charging. A toll system with an on-board unit is intended for vehicles with a maximum permissible weight of over 3.5 t. The vignette can be bought via the Internet, at branches of the Czech Post, some petrol stations and in self-service kiosks near border crossings.

The Electronic Vignette Can Also be Purchased at Sales Points

If you do not want to buy an electronic vignette in the e-shop, make the purchase at a sales point –⁠ Česká pošta and EuroOil.

Simply provide the necessary data to the sales assistant (type of electronic vignette, the country of registration, license plate number, beginning of validity).

Pay, you will receive a receipt, and you are free to go.

Important information about the purchase of the electronic vignette

If you purchase an electronic vignette at a sales point and then you find out that you filled in some data incorrectly, do not panic! You can change the incorrect data at the sales point within 15 minutes.

Buy now, drive later. Start of the validity of all three types of electronic vignettes can be postponed by three months from the date of purchase.

If you enter your e-mail during the purchase at the e-shop, you will receive an expiration notification on the end of validity of the electronic vignette. When making the purchase at a physical sales point, you can later use an authorisation code to turn on the notifications of expiration.