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Conditions for Car Rental in Prague

Car rental services in Prague provided by RUNWELL company are subject to the following rules:


An early booking of a car online directly on our website (e.g. online reservation) is possible only within a selected car class. Your early booking of a car in Prague on the RUNWELL website entitles you to a discount from the standard rental fee in the amount of 10% or more, depending on the season or current promotions. Your booking can be considered “early” and confirmed if it is made at least one day (24 hours) before the start of the car hire period. NOTE, PLEASE! The reservation what was made less then 24 hours before rental period starts shouldn`t be confirmed.

Please also note that certain car models may not be available due to various reasons beyond the company’s competency. Therefore, online booking only enables you to reserve a car in Prague within one selected car class rather than to book a specific car model. Should our company, for whatever reason, fail to provide a vehicle for you in the class of your selection, we shall upgrade your car to a higher comfort class, while the rental fee will remain unchanged. You may see the final rental fee calculation once you insert specific rental dates into your online booking and got a confirmation. Our company does not guarantee a replacement vehicle in case of a problem caused by the client (i.e. car accident, failure to comply with traffic regulations, violation of rules of car operation, etc.)

Minimum rental period in the RUNWELL RENT A CAR company is one day (24 hours).

Important! (cancelation policies)

In case of a longer than 1-hour delay for car pick up without prior notice via email or phone the company is entitled to hand over the reserved vehicle to another client. The price of reservation in this case will be charged as full amount. This rule does not apply to those bookings, that had been paid in advanced. Should a client cancel a confirmed booking more then 24 hours and less then 7 days before rental starts, the company is entitled to withhold an equivalent of a standard 1-day rental fee according to the selected car class. In both cases the booking details (starting and ending times, fees, etc.) always remain unchanged. Further details of your booking can always be discussed with the managers of RUNWELL through email correspondence or a phone call. We are always willing to find a mutually suitable solution and keen to accommodate to the client’s wishes.


No discounts apply to additional extracurricular services, such as WEEKEND tariff (i.e. 3-day car rental at the price of 2 days), any activities outside office hours, car delivery or return outside Main office, and so on. Discounts do not combine. All discounts, including a frequent-client discount are calculated on the basis of a standard “office” price for car rental. For a final cost calculation a discount of the highest applicable percentage (incl. discount cards) is always used.

For car hire at the period from Friday 12:00pm until Monday 12:00pm a special WEEKEND RATE applies: 3 days at the price of 2. This tariff is only possible at the car pick-up/return point, i.e. the RUNWELL company central office (we are car rental in Prague downtown).

What do you need to hire a car

In order to rent a car the driver’s minimum age is 19. In order to finalise the rental contract with the RUNWELL RENT A CAR company the client will need:1. Passport or other identification document. For EU citizens a national ID card is sufficient,2. Valid driver’s license, category “B”, national or international,3. Refundable deposit from EUR 300 / CZK 9000 till 1000 EUR/ CZK 25000, depending on the rental conditions and selected car class. Usually deposits are: the smallest deposit is from 300 EUR for car class MINI, 400 EUR for standard class, 500 EUR for sportcars, 600 EUR for minivans. The deposit can be paid either in cash or with a debit/credit card. Payment is also accepted in other currencies in the equivalent amount according to the official exchange rate published by the Czech National Bank: Euros – from EUR 300, American dollars – from USD 350, British pounds – from GBP 300, Russian rubles – based on the daily exchange rate to EUR.

Car hire is payable with VISA, EC/MC payment cards, through PayPal electronic payment system or in cash: we accept EUR, USD, GBP, RUR.

Delivery and drop off the car

Delivery / drop off of the vehicle, when you book it in RUNWELL takes place by mutual additional agreement. Minimal rental period for return car in Czech Republic (out of Prague) – 2 days. Minimal rental period for return car in EU (out of Czech Republic) – 3 days. The cost of hired car in Prague calculated by the standard tariff. Car pick-up and return outside office hours is surcharged at EUR 20. Car pick-up and return in the Vaclav Havel airport in Prague is also surcharged at EUR 20. Read more about delivery and drop off the car outside Czech Republic HERE.

The rental fee for rent a car in Prague includes

– unlimited mileage in km- universal insurance for the Czech Republic and Europe (mandatory in case of a car accident or car theft with client’s liability due to own fault up to CZK 12,000)- tolls in the Czech Republic (“Dalniční známka” or vignette) (It means, if you want to rent a car Prague to Vienna, you should buy Austrian vignette) More information about highways tolls in Europe is HERE- entrance permit into German environmental zones “Plakette”- 21% VAT- car delivery to your hotel and car return anywhere within the city of Prague in case of 2 or more rental days (delivery car rental to Prague airport costs 20 euro)- road maps of Prague, Czech Republic and Europe: upon client’s request- 24-hour customer support in English, Czech, Russian- 24-hour technical support and assistance throughout EU

Car fuel is not included in the car rental fee. Upon car return the fuel level should be identical to the level upon car pick up.

PLEASE NOTE, all traffic fines (plus another charges, appear with the fine payments) are responcibility of a driver (customer).

Car fuel

All cars in our car park run on the Natural-95 car fuel (exceptions are the sport car Toyota GT86, which runs on Natural-98, and all the minibuses that run on Diesel with special liquid AdBlue).

Accessories and additional service

RUNWELL RENT-A-CAR company also offers additional equipment for free of charge: car child seats, snow chains, ski box, GPS-navigation. You are also welcome to use our parking facilities in the centre of Prague near Wenceslas square if you book it with us ahead of time. Moreover, we are happy to provide our clients with a personal driver in Prague, Czech Republic and Europe. In order to make use of the special offers from the RUNWELL company please kindly inform us about your wishes in the Notes section of your online booking.

If you still have questions about the terms of car rental, please read our FAQ


RUNWELL is a cheap car rent in the center of Prague (near Prague train station) with additional car rental services, local low cost rental company.

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RUNWELL car rental office is located in the very centre of Prague, 200 meters from the Wenceslas Square, in the same building where our rental cars are based. The full office address is Wilsonova 6, Prague 1.

Having finalised the documents for car rental, you will have the car ready within a few minutes. Unless you request a different return place at the time of ordering the car, you are expected to return the car in the office at the time specified in the contract. Be reminded that car delivery within Prague is free of charge, whereas the cost of car delivery to the Vaclav Havel international airport is EUR 20. For more information about car delivery and return in other cities of the Czech Republic and Europe please refer here.

There are several ways to park a car in Prague overnight without risking to violate parking rules of the Czech capital. The easiest way is to arrange parking in the hotel where you stay. If the hotel is located in the city centre or nearby, most likely it will be an extra charged service. If you are accommodated further out in the outskirts, then perhaps parking will be free of charge. Parking in the city allows you to park the car overnight in certain places marked by a white dotted line: even though from 6, 8 or 24 pm until 8 am parking is very often for free, please pay attention to the signs. It is important to bear in mind that you must not leave the car on the blue line because those parking places are reserved exclusively for Prague residents. For our customers who have rented a car from RUNWELL company we provide a possibility to park in our parking lot in the centre of Prague at a special price of EUR 10 per day.

Yes, you can return the car whenever you wish. It is a free service for our clients during working hours, i.e. between 8 am and 8 pm, whereas returning the car outside those hours, i.e. between 8 pm and 8 am will be charged extra. In case of an earlier car return the rental fee is not refunded, unless otherwise agreed.

Car return should be executed exactly at the time specified in the contract. If your plans change and you wish to prolong the car rental period, it is worth informing us in advance. Depending on the schedule of your car booking by next customers we shall either extend its rental period or exchange your car for another vehicle. It is important to note that in this case the cost of car hire will be calculated according to the “flexible tariff, when the rental cost per day decreases depending on the number of rental days + the cost per one extra day”. In other words, renting a car in Prague for 4 days will end up being cheaper than car rental for 3 days plus an extension by one more day.

Should the client be late with car return at the time specified in the contract, fail to inform RUNWELL company in advance and not answer phone calls, then in addition to the cost of an extra day of rent, RUNWELL company is entitled to impose a fine starting from CZK 1000. If the car is not returned within three days after the date of expected return specified in the contract, the car is considered stolen and the police of the Czech Republic take over the investigations and the car search.

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