Some rules for a happy trip on a rented car in Prague

How to rent a car in the Czech Republic and stay satisfied with your trip by car all around EU?

Book your car in advance

Spontaneously is possible. But previously – better!

RUNWELL rent a car`s customers are very different.

The “old school” customers – people who plan a trip for 6-12 months in advance, think through their travel to the smallest details and build on their car rental plans. In 99.9% of cases customers get the expected car at the best price. We prepare a car rental agreement immediately and it just waits he`s own ”hero”.

There are clients who book a car also in advance (1-2-3 weeks before) the intended trip and in most cases these people also get car they booked. If the vehicle is not available on the indicated dates, the car rental representative enters into correspondence with the client and offers various available options – as a result client gets similar car.

There are spontaneous customers who have already arrived in Prague and suddenly decide to hire a car in nearest future. Such customers do not waste time for planning but risking to not getting a car they want In the high season. There will be other cars, and customers have to rent by the principle of “what is available” or continue the search in other places – this is the time spent. It also happens that a client makes an order for a car on the site and, without confirmation, hurries to pick it up. But car is not presented physically, and a person, disappointed, wanders to look or to rent another one.

We remind you that we confirm the order within 24 hours before rental period starts and until it is confirmed, there is little hope that you will receive the same car You have ordered.

Customers who do not want to bother with booking AT ALL and come directly to the office may also be disappointed. In Prague, during high season, you can spend a lot of time searching for a car, bypassing car rentals around the perimeter. In such situations we recommend that you simply call and check the availability of the vehicles. But It could work during off-season. This method of renting a car in Prague can be very viable – “hire and drive”, perhaps even at a discount.

Check out car rental policies

We tried to make them simple and understandable as possible.

So, the car is selected and ordered. In general, it is best to know rental conditions before choosing a rental company. Such key points as the cost, returning a car outside Prague or the Czech Republic conditions, insurance conditions, amount of deposit and it`s size. All this should be clear and should suit you before you see a booked car at the door of your hotel. Check it in advance with answers to the most popular questions of our car rental customers – we have collected them in a special section “Frequently Asked Questions”.

Treat your rented car like yours one

And it will be grateful to you

Correct parking, careful driving, timely refueling are the basis that the car will not be down on the road. Each car has special features – check them out when receive a rented car from a company manager. Here is a list of basic questions that you will need to have answers for to operate a rented car:

  • Is it a mechanic or an automaton gear?
  • How to put the car on a manual brake?
  • What type fuel uses this car? (gasoline 95 or 98, diesel, diesel with AdBlue liquid reagent)
  • How does the fuel tank opens?
  • How does the trunk opens?
  • Where is the spare tire?

Come up with your own question 😊

Maintain a dialogue with the car rental manager

When renting a car, pay attention to everything that the company`s manager tells you. Usually this information is very useful and necessary for all customers. What does this information concern?

  • Features of driving a car in the Czech Republic
  • Parking in Prague, Karlovy Vary, Czech Krumlov, Dresden and other tourist cities
  • Toll roads, how they are paid in the Czech Republic and in other countries (remember that in RUNWELL you no longer need to pay for travel on Czech, German and BeNeLux highways)
  • Penalties for violation of traffic rules, features of payment, deadlines
  • Deposit and it`s return
  • Car`s insurance terms and conditions
  • Algorithm of actions in the event of a traffic accident
  • Car return, late fines, rental renewals

Be punctual or warn

And then nothing can overshadow your journey 🙂

Traveling in Europe is a great vacation filled with new experiences. Spontaneity in such independent trips on a rented car is an invaluable advantage. But we always wait for the car to be returned at the time, indicated in the signed contract. Please, try to warn your car rental company about changing your plans in advance – as sooner as better. Thus, you can avoid fines and just pay the extra rental time, and car rental representatives will be able to change the schedule for further car rentals and offer another car in advance to the next tenant. It is important to warn that you decided to return the car earlier – we will be grateful for that too!