3 reasons to rent a car in COVID 19 quarantine

We’ve learned to live in limitations. We do not sneeze or cough, we respect social distancing, we have the patience to breathe deeply. But outside spring is coming to its place. Prague is more beautiful than ever. And we cannot miss this spring.

Reason 1. You live in Prague and you do not have a car. You can rent a car to go out for weekend. It is smart and safe. Your family will be grateful for this trip. You can visit famous natural parks of Czech Republic, such as Bohemian Paradise, Křivoklat, Kokořin or discover Czech Republic like you’ve never seen before. Small rivers, wide fields, nameless hills and abandoned ruins. This is like a quest. Just choose a place on the map and drive to your goal. New discoveries are guaranteed.

Reason 2. You live in Prague, where public transport system is excellent, but now you want to go to work alone. Not only you don’t need to wear a mask in a car, but also, it’s safer and faster.

Reason 3. Unprecedented discounts on car rental. You can rent a mini car for 10 euros per day. Having a car at hand will make quarantine easier for the whole family.