Questions regarding the
terms and conditions of car rental

RUNWELL car rental office is located in the very centre of Prague, 200 meters from the Wenceslas Square, in the same building where our rental cars are based. The full office address is Wilsonova 6, Prague 1.

Having finalised the documents for car rental, you will have the car ready within a few minutes. Unless you request a different return place at the time of ordering the car, you are expected to return the car in the office at the time specified in the contract. Be reminded that car delivery within Prague is free of charge, whereas the cost of car delivery to the Vaclav Havel international airport is EUR 20. For more information about car delivery and return in other cities of the Czech Republic and Europe please refer here.

There are several ways to park a car in Prague overnight without risking to violate parking rules of the Czech capital. The easiest way is to arrange parking in the hotel where you stay. If the hotel is located in the city centre or nearby, most likely it will be an extra charged service. If you are accommodated further out in the outskirts, then perhaps parking will be free of charge. Parking in the city allows you to park the car overnight in certain places marked by a white dotted line: even though from 6, 8 or 24 pm until 8 am parking is very often for free, please pay attention to the signs. It is important to bear in mind that you must not leave the car on the blue line because those parking places are reserved exclusively for Prague residents. For our customers who have rented a car from RUNWELL company we provide a possibility to park in our parking lot in the centre of Prague at a special price of EUR 10 per day.

Yes, you can return the car whenever you wish. It is a free service for our clients during working hours, i.e. between 8 am and 8 pm, whereas returning the car outside those hours, i.e. between 8 pm and 8 am will be charged extra. In case of an earlier car return the rental fee is not refunded, unless otherwise agreed.

Car return should be executed exactly at the time specified in the contract. If your plans change and you wish to prolong the car rental period, it is worth informing us in advance. Depending on the schedule of your car booking by next customers we shall either extend its rental period or exchange your car for another vehicle. It is important to note that in this case the cost of car hire will be calculated according to the “flexible tariff, when the rental cost per day decreases depending on the number of rental days + the cost per one extra day”. In other words, renting a car in Prague for 4 days will end up being cheaper than car rental for 3 days plus an extension by one more day.

Should the client be late with car return at the time specified in the contract, fail to inform RUNWELL company in advance and not answer phone calls, then in addition to the cost of an extra day of rent, RUNWELL company is entitled to impose a fine starting from CZK 1000. If the car is not returned within three days after the date of expected return specified in the contract, the car is considered stolen and the police of the Czech Republic take over the investigations and the car search.

Questions about our cars

Most of our cars are not older than three years. We renew our fleet annually by 15%, represented by new cars from car salons. During high touristic season we sometimes employ older cars in good technical condition from third-party suppliers.

All RUNWELL vehicles undergo timely technical maintenance, pre-season and post-season check-ups and preparation. RUNWELL company is keen on avoiding breakdowns of its fleet, hence we pay great attention to the technical condition of our cars. The vehicles we lease in Prague are always in excellent condition and clean both outside and inside. However, cars are still machines and sometimes unforeseen breakdowns and incidents occur. In such cases we shall duly exchange the faulty car with another one so that you can continue your journey without annoying delays.

Questions about payment

Leaving a deposit is a requirement by the insurance company. It covers the client’s responsibility in the event of an emergency and is also used to reimburse expenses incurred by the event that cannot be insured against. For example, the client is late with car return and fails to refuel the car up to the original level. Another example is when the client is late to return the car at the agreed time or commits an accident in the state of intoxication. Moreover, the deposit can be used to pay the fines for client’s violation of traffic regulations.

The deposit amount depends directly on the cost of the car, that is, the more expensive the car, the higher the cost of its maintenance. A higher deposit can also be requested in some other cases, for example, if the driver has short driving experience and there is a risk of accidents due to his/her inexperience while driving. The smallest deposit is 200 EUR for scooter, 300 EUR for car class MINI, 400 EUR for standard class, 500 EUR for sportcars, 600 EUR for minivans.

The deposit made in cash is refunded immediately after the vehicle has been inspected at the time of its return. The deposit made by a payment card is refunded to the card between two weeks and one month, depending on the bank that issued the payment card. If the car rental company bears no complaints (e.g. fines, insufficient car fuel, etc.) to you during this time, the deposit is released.

Full car insurance, which costs additional EUR 15 per day, includes responsibility for accidents caused by the client. When arranging full insurance you will not be held responsible for the accident with your collateral. However, full insurance does not cover those cases when the driver guilty of the accident is under the influence of alcohol or other psychotropic substances. Moreover, it does not cover the damages to the car occurred as a result of negligence, e.g. the car keys left inside the vehicle, open car windows or doors, etc. Full insurance does not cover damage to windows or wheels.

Yes, partial. Full insurance does not cover cases of insufficient fuelling of the car or late car return. However, it does cover the damage incurred during the accident caused by the car lessee, therefore the deposit for the car is then refunded to the client. Full insurance does not cover damage to windows or wheels.

The cost of car rental includes all the basic payments – car rental fee, taxes, navigation, a child car seat and a motorway toll sticker in the Czech Republic. The only payments you make extra are fuel and motorway toll in other countries in case you travel outside the Czech Republic. Our pricing policy is set in such a way to charge our clients a fixed amount for renting a car with certain accessories, which our company provides free of charge.

Questions about the journey

In case of an accident your first step is to immediately contact the hotline of the car rental company and report the accident. Depending on the situation we will suggest a solution: we may send a replacement car for you from Prague, call up technical assistance for you or recommend to get to the nearest car service. Our hotline with technical support is available non-stop 24 hours a day. The number is provided in the contract as well as in the folder with car papers and on the key ring of the rented car.

If the wheel of the rented car has been blocked, you should be able to find an informative paper sheet in English placed on the car window, which contains the phone number of the police patrol who are responsible for the blockage. You need to call the indicated number and share the address of your location, then the police is expected to arrive within 10-20 minutes and remove the blockage from your car wheel in exchange for your payment of a fine for incorrect parking.

Make sure to call the hotline of the car rental company and document (take photographs) the damage. Then call the police and report the accident including the damage. The resulting protocol must be provided to the car rental company.

  •  Immediately after the accident, mark the scene with a triangular sign. Try to put it at least 50 meters away, and on the autobahn, a hundred meters in front of the place of the accident

  • When leaving the car, you need to wear a special vest (every car is equipped with it).
  • Call the Police using the emergency number 112.
  • Call the car rental company.
  • While waiting for the arrival of the Police, take a picture of the accident scene and exchange contact information with all participants of the incident. Never leave the accident scene before filling out the police protocol.

All RUNWELL car rental vehicles are equipped with special stickers that confirm payment of the motorway tolls in the Czech Republic. More information about the toll fares on the motorways of other EU countries can be found here.

Questions that may arise
after the rental car is returned

The contract, which we sign upon renting a vehicle, lists all the damages on the car incurred before the start of your lease. If a new damage is detected during the inspection upon car delivery, it will fall under the lessee’s responsibility. Rest assured that our business goals are set around making business on renting cars and not on getting the client to pay for car repairs nor on committing fraud against insurance companies, hence our material claims with regards to the car will arise only when the damage to the car is obvious.

Please note! All our cars are equipped with non-smoking signs, which is very important to obey since our cars are being leased also to the people who do not tolerate the smell of tobacco inside the vehicle (e.g. families with children, asthmatics, etc.). In case of violation of the ban on smoking, we shall charge the lessee the full cost of chemical dry cleaning of the rented car.

Yes, all fines must be paid. If RUNWELL company receives a fine during the validity of the security deposit, we will deduct its amount from the client’s payment card, pay the fine and submit the payment confirmation to the client upon request. In case the payment card blockage has already been released, we shall contact the client, present the fine and suggest to pay the fine either directly to the bank account of the police, or to our company’s account, from which we will pay the fine for the client. Should the client refuse to pay his/her fine, the car rental contract as well as all client’s personal data will be transferred to the police. From then onwards the case of violation of traffic regulations shall be dealt with the law enforcement agencies of the country, where this violation has been recorded. Please also note that since 2016 the Czech Republic joined the international database Eucaris, which stores the information about all car owners throughout the European Union, so the traffic fine may be issued by any country, which you have visited with our rental car.

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