Czech Government Loosens Travel Restrictions

From Tuesday, May 26, all road and rail crossings on the borders with Austria and Germany will open, while measures preventing tourists from entering the Czech Republic remain in force.

Travellers must still also carry evidence of a negative COVID-19 test, and police will continue to conduct random checks.

The country had negotiated reciprocal arrangements with the German and Austrian sides.

Unauthorized entry into the country can be fined up to 1 million CZK.

International airports in Brno, Ostrava, Karlovy Vary, Pardubice, and Prague-Kbely will renew flights within Schengen.

From Wednesday, May 27, it will be possible to travel between the Czech Republic and Slovakia if people return within 48 hours. “It will be possible without tests and without quarantine,” wrote Prime Minister Andrej Babiš on Twitter.